Fabric Classes

Although we all jump at the chance to replace furniture with newer, fresh pieces, sometimes all a good quality chair needs is a fabric revamp. Making use of the correct upholstery can effortlessly transform the look and feel of your office furniture, which is the reason it’s a popular alternative to furniture shopping.

At Awesome Shelving, we manufacture office chairs from scratch as well as upholstery. There are a wide range of textures, colours and patterns to choose from, including cotton fabric, PU Leather, Cedarcryl-choc, Cedarbrooke, etc, so make sure to consider what makes the most sense for your home or office as well as what complements your room’s decor.

Our customers are spoilt for choice with our variety of fabric classes. For instance, in Class 1 customers can bring their own materials. In Class 2, we have Contract fabric (black, royal blue, burgundy) – standard. It goes on until Class 6. As there is a wide selection for clients – kindly refer to our Fabric Classes section.

Class 1

Customer provides own material

Class 2

Contract Fabric - Standard - Black, Royal Blue & Bugundy

Class 3

Cedarcyl- Choc, French Vanilla, Ginger, Lime, Marine, Orange, Orbit, Pine, Red, Royal Blue & Salt and Pepper.
Options Cube - ISA Mirage & Nu Hide

Class 4

Cedarcryl - Flame, Kiwi, Quince, Midnight, Spangle, Starlight Strawberry, Velvet, Alpine, Emerald & Lapis, Lazuli, Charcoal, Green, Neptune, Platinum, Slate, Smoke & Storm.

Helm Textiles - Diamond Range
ISA - Eclipse
PU Leather - Black, Burgundy, Red & White
Upholstery & General - Kudu Suede.

Class 5

Cedarbrooke - Chi & Chi Plain, Vibe, Rain, Shadows
Helm - Studio

Class 6

Cedarbrooke - Division, Division Multi, Motif, Pyro & Velocity.
Weavers World - Gravity, Moo & Vulcan.

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